Only a few of the many benefits of advertising on Instagram include driving awareness, increasing customers and the ability to share your story amongst a highly engaged audience.

With the same targeting abilities as Facebook, Instagram has infinite potential to grow your business. Stats have proven 60% of people learn about a product or service on Instagram and 75% take action after being inspired by a post/advert.. As well as this, the engagement on Instagram is record breaking, with billions of stories watched and posts liked every day, yours could be next. Did you know, one third of the most viewed stories on Instagram come from businesses?

Instagram’s ability to target in such detail and engage such volume is a true benefit to any small business and with Instagram’s 2019 ad revenue predicted to be over $10billion, right now is the perfect time to take advantage of this platform for your Small Business!



Here at Think Digital, we take the time to understand your business’ aims & objectives, define your target audience and research what your competitors are doing. This allows us to put together a detailed Instagram Advertising strategy which is designed to take your customers on a conversion focused journey.

Our specialist team have proven past success and experience which has meant our clients see massive increases in their overall sales whilst significantly reducing their client acquisition costs.

However, it just doesn’t stop there! We have also helped clients develop other areas of their advertising which work alongside Instagram Advertising. These options include Facebook AdvertisingGoogle Ads, and Content Marketing. Each of these platforms has its place within your Small Business and if used correctly, they can ensure you become a market leader in your respective industry.



What day works best? Will this advert be popular with my audience? When it comes to Social Media for Small Businesses, we will research everything for you. From advert image selection to the latest trends, we make sure everything we do is geared towards reaching your goals, increasing your sales and keep your customers returning again and again. 

At The Good Marketer, collaboration is key! It is important that your Social Media Advertising generates results and showcases who you are as a company. Alongside this, we will also provide you with a monthly report + our recommendations to ensure your advertising is constantly increasing ROI, month-on-month.





With two billion people and the most advanced targeting techniques, Instagram Ads is great for generating new customers for your Small Business.




Instagram is a great ROI generator and due to its size, the volume of traffic is not a problem. Just make sure it’s your advert users see!




Users spend on average 3 Hours a day on Instagram, more than any other platform so Instagram is great for ensuring you’re in front of your target audience.




Maximise your results from existing and new website traffic by ensuring you have conversion optimised remarketing adverts set up and running.